Students Feed back

Laureate is one of the best B.Ed. college in Himachal Pradesh with the best infrastructure and Knowledgeable teachers. Teachers help students to learn experience the best part of their life. I can highly recommend this college to whoever looking for well trained Pupil Teacher.
Bhupinder Thakur 2011-2019
LIET is the best B.Ed. college in Himachal. Laureate is a place where I started to see my future in the Teaching. I have spent the most precious 2 years of time of my life at this college. I learned here that “There is no secret to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure”
— Priya Thakur 2018-20
Faultless academic support, and tutors with outstanding subject cognizance. Much more professional and auxiliary than anything I have experienced before. Gregariously, a safe place for study for aspirants. I just want to verbalize I feel very proud of myself that Laureate is my alma mater.
Sunidhi Chauhan 2017-2019
I proudly say that our Institute has high-quality teaching, assessment, and management of learning. I learned a lot from taking this course. I thank my all-wonderful teachers of our LIET who cares about what we learn and who we are becoming. This is my ever-best decision to take admission to this college and become part of the laureate. I thank all the teachers and every person who is from laureate to support me on this positive side to become good teacher.
— Karitika Sharma : B.Ed. 2018-20