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International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day is observed every year on June 21st to raise awareness about the importance of Yoga. On this occasion Laureate Institution Of Education And Training, Bharari too organized an event in collaboration with Laureate Public School under the supervision of Principal Dr.Meera Singh(L.P.S)and Principal Dr.Kamaljit Kaur(L.I.E.T). The event began with a Pledge and then a brief introduction On Yoga by Pupil Teachers of B.Ed. 2nd Year, session 2021-2023(Ms. Eshna), then self-composed poem(Nitya Jo Karta Yog, Rahee Jiwan mein sadda Nirog) recited by (Rahul Dev) and a brief description( by Vivek Sharma) on the global celebration of Yog to be led by Hon’ble Prime Minister at U.N Headquarters NewYork and the National celebration to be led by Vice President Of India, Jagdeep Dhankar.The warm-up exercises were taken as well as sitting and standing asanas were performed and practiced under the supervision of Ms.Kiran Dharmani(L.P.S)and Dr.Usha Thakur(L.I.E.T) simultaneously the importance of these was also explained. All the staff members and students participated enthusiastically. The celebration concluded with the speech of our Honorable Secretary (Dr.Meera Singh)Laureate Society. She encouraged students to practice regular Yoga to remain fit and improve concentration.

World Environment Day Celebration 2023

Activity: Chart making/Slogan writing/Poster               making/Best Out Of Waste
Venue:   Activity Hall(L.l.E.T,Bharari,Shimla)
Date:      05/06/23
World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th June to spread awareness about the need to protect our Environment.On the  occasion of Environment Day House Wise competition was organised at L.I.E.T, Bharari, Shimla on 5th of June 2023 under the supervision of House Incharges and Principal of the lnstitute(Dr.Kamaljit Kaur).The Pupil Teachers of B.Ed.2nd year of all the houses prepared beautiful charts,posters and wrote catchy slogans depicting various themes also including this year’s theme #Beat The Plastic Pollution”Ecosystem Restoration”and beautiful things were also made by them from waste material.
On this occasion the Pupil Teachers of B.Ed.lst year who are doing their One Month Internships in various schools too participated in the activities organized at their respective schools  they even helped/guided the students of the schools in their performances and prepared them for various different activities as well as competition(Declamation,Quiz,Rangoli) organised at schools(especially at Bhont & Jakhoo school) and some participated in the rally organised by the schools to create awareness  amongst the public regarding environmental Pollution and say no to plastic and save Environment).The Highlights are as follows:-

International Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023 celebration

International Menstrual Hygiene Day is celebrated on 28th May every year to create awareness among people about the importance of good Menstrual health. But this year it’s a holiday it was celebrated on 31st May 2023 with this year’s theme being”Making Menstruation a Normal Fact of Life by 2030″. Although the programme was organised by ICDS under the Guidance of Mrs MamtaPaul (DPO, ICDS)as the Venue being L.I.E.T, Bharari the members of the Laureate Society and all the staff members of the Institute gave full support and left no stone unturned to make it successful. The Chief Guest for the programme was Mr Harish Jannartha(M.L.A.Shimla, Urban). The programme began with the inspection of Millet-based recipes prepared by ladies of Anganwàdi slogan writing&Painting  on the above-mentioned theme prepared by the students of B.Ed.(L.I.E.T). The Chief Guest and Honorable Managing Director(Dr. Ran Singh)and Secretary Laureate Society(Dr. Meera Singh)and other dignitaries inspected the recipes, slogans, and paintings and appreciated the work of all the participants. Further, there was a Lightning up of the lamp by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries along with Saraswati Vandana sung by B.Ed.students. DPO(lCDS) Honoured the Chief Guest and shared the Highlights of the programme. The welcome address was delivered by the Hon’ble Managing Director(Dr. Ran Singh) Laureate Society and Secretary of the Laureate Society( Dr. Meera Singh) following the tradition to welcome the guest by presenting live plants welcomed the Chief Guest and all other dignitaries, Councillor  Bharari Ward(Mrs. Meena Chauhan),(Dr. Ruchi Ramesh)Principal R.K.M.V college,(Dr. Amit) Associate Professor( IGMC ) (Prof.Reva )RKMV(Prof. Shambhu Sharma) and Principal L.I.E.T(Dr. Kamaljit Kaur). After that Movie “The Red Taboo” was shown to the students to make them aware of the myths and taboos in society on Menstrual based thoughts. The role play was very beautifully presented by the students depicting various aspects of menstruation. Students also participated in a Quiz competition organised by ICDS and conducted by (Dr Nitika Dharma, M.O). A skit depicting misconceptions about menstruation and a self-composed poem by Rahul Premi was also presented. A very beautiful Group song composed by (Mr Ankush)Assist Prof.(L.I.E.T, Music, Vocal)was also sung by students towards the end of the programme. Lastly, the keynote address was delivered by the Chief Guest he also appreciated the efforts of all and especially appreciated the presence and participation of the boys in the event. To motivate and appreciate the efforts of the students the prizes were also distributed in the end. The programme came to an end with a vote of thanks by Dr Meera Singh(Secretary Laureate Society)and the Delicious lunch  served to all by the Management (Laureate Society)

A Joint cultural program for Baisakhi and Himachal Day celebrations

As we all know that Baisakhi is the most awaited festival for North Indians as this festival is celebrated to mark the cutting of the winter crop. It is held on the 13th of April every year. It is celebrated in the whole of India by different names.
Himachal Day is celebrated on 15th of April. It was on this day in 1971 that Himachal Pradesh became the 18th state of India.
 Keeping in mind the importance of both occasions a joint cultural program on Baisakhi as well as on Himachal Day was organized on the 13th of April, 2023 at L.I.E.T.Bharari, Shimla. Bhangra was presented by a group of girls and was the most cheered performance of the day. Also, a Punjabi folk song i.e. Tappe was performed as a group song by Pupil teachers. A speech highlighting the importance of the festival was given by Neha Sood. The celebration was marvelous and a memorable one for both the Teachers and Pupil Teachers as it was celebrated with great pomp and joy. Students participated in the folk dance of Himachal Pradesh i.e. Natti. A speech was also given by Lalita highlighting the importance of the day. 

Ambedkar Jayanti

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Ambedkar Jayanti is an annual festival celebrated on 14th April every year, which is the birth anniversary of Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar who is also known as Baba Saheb Ambedkar and this day is also celebrated to honor his contribution and service to the country. The students of L.I.E.T. Bharari, Shimla celebrated 132 nd birth anniversary of the architect of the Indian constitution Dr.Bhim Rao Ambedkar ji under the supervision of Principal Dr. Kamaljit Kaur with traditional fervor and enthusiasm by paying tribute to him and remembering his teachings and contribution to the Indian society. The students through various cultural activities threw light on the achievements and teachings of Dr. Ambekar in the end Principal Madam appreciated the efforts of the students and the celebration came to an end.