National Fest: Envision 2022 held at H.P.U.

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National Fest: Envision 2022 held at H.P.U.

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Date:  9th, 10th and 11th November, 2022

Venue: Himachal Pradesh University

Our college participated in the cultural festival Envision 2022 that was scheduled for 9th, 10th and 11th of November in Himachal Pradesh University. There were three activities in the festival namely literary activities, music and dance activities. Students participated in the activities namely group song, solo song, group song dance and poetry writing.

On 9th November 2022 a total of six students participated in the item group singing. The name of the song was “Koti Koti Kanthon ne Gaya Maa Ka Gauruv Gaan Hai”. Our team was judged as the third finisher. Our students explored their talent and learned music from our music teacher specially for this item. Manish presented a solo song “Khana Peena Nand Leni”, a folk Pahari song on table and harmonium guided by our music teachers Mr. Ankush Sandal and Mr. Ravi Kumar.

On 10th November 2022 two teams participated in the folk dance i.e. Natti. One team was of fourteen participants consisting of seven girls and seven boys, and another team was of twelve girls who showcased the folk culture of Shimla through their talent.

The literary event took place in the Law Department of H.P.U. . Lalita Verma participated in the poetry writing competition whose theme was given on spot and she presented her poem titled “Subah Aur Sham” for the event.

Overall experience was wonderful where the students learnt how to present themselves and remove stage fear while delivering their activity which is the main motive of education.